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GDPR – personal data protection

Dear members of the Association,

HERE you can find a newsletter of the Prosman and Pavlovič attorney office, which summarizes the news on the personal data protection. As GDPR introduces news in the personal data protection, it is necessary to analyse all documents, where a link to the personal data protection may be found or where personal data are mentioned.

When the harmonization and implementation process of the  personal data protection with the GDPR is processed, it is necessary to analyse the following:

  1.                         if the employees proces  personal data, the scale of personal data, the basis for the processing, processing procedures, filing systems etc.
  2.                         all of the documents of the controllers (contracts, general terms and conditions, internal directives, personal data security directives etc.)

     3.                        all of the contracts between controllers and processors of personal data

     4.                         providing information  about personal data processing to the data subjects, recipients and third parties,

      5.                        origin of the personal data.

After evaluation of the individual audits it will be necessary to implement the results to the documents and the contracts herein, to prepare the notifications etc.

In case of you need to provide hereinbefore mentioned harmonization or in case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Our attorney office is the member of the Association.